What to Expect if You Travel to Las Vegas During a Pandemic

In last month's newsletter we gave our readers some tips on traveling during a pandemic. We quickly realized that as a tourist city, we can offer some tips to people thinking of coming to Las Vegas! So we compiled our information to give you all a glimpse of what to expect if you travel to Las Vegas soon.


Most hotels have closed down multiple entrances in an effort to create a flow of traffic. Don't be alarmed if familiar entrances are closed, signs will help guide you to the closest entrance. Once entering, most casinos are requiring all guests to have their temperature checked. Guests that are cleared are free to hop in line to check in and roam the property freely. Other guests are invited to sit down and given a chance to cool down before having their temperature checked once again. Medical aid areas are available on most properties for guests that repeatedly show a higher temperature. For more detailed information, USA Today has a great article where they share a first hand look at what it's like to stay at three seperate hotels in Vegas. Click here to check it out!

Mask Etiquette

Under Governor Sisolak, masks are required in all businesses in Las Vegas. Most restaurants require guests to wear a mask until they are seated at their table. They are also required at public pools, bowling alleys, casino floors, and other public areas. The only exceptions are when you're eating food or having a drink.

Dining Out

Make a Reservation

Almost all restaurants are requiring a reservation prior to coming in. Make your reservation a few days before to make sure you have a table and also to avoid a long wait time!

Find out their seating arrangements

Some businesses aren't allowing parties bigger than 6 or 10 to sit at the same table. If you are planning on having a large party, ask how they seat their guests. This will also help in choosing the perfect restaurant for your occasion.

What To Do

Go To Dinner

While some restaurants might not be open, there are still plenty of great places to eat! Take advantage of social distancing and enjoy dinner in privacy. Do a little digging and you might find a restaurant that is offering special promotions on drinks, appetizers, and other popular items to encourage guests to come out!


Per gaming authority reopening regulations, some things will look different on the casino floor. You'll notice fewer chairs at the blackjack, roulette, and poker tables. Some resorts have installed plexiglass partitions at tables and bar-top poker machines. On the casino floor you'll see that every other slot machine is turned off and a chair may be removed to encourage social distancing.

Attractions To See

The high roller, Bellagio fountains, High Roller Observation wheel, and New York-New York roller coaster are open to the public. Shows, nightclubs, and adult-only day pool parties haven't resumed because gathering in large groups is still not allowed. If your hotel has a pool you can expect it to be open with a reduced capacity.

Whatever you do on vacation be sure to follow Covid-19 guidelines so we can continue to welcome tourists!

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