The importance of Having a Good Relationship with Local Partners

The event industry is very competitive, many in our industry feel it necessary to keep to themselves and limit sharing. Many of us have good reason to be wary of the competition, with ideas stolen or replicated. 

As a full service event company, we had to make a decision early on about how we wanted to form relationships with our community. In the end, we decided It was important to open our arms too everyone in our community and become an ally to our local competitors..

Recently we had an extremely last minute event (aren’t they all LOL). When I say last minute, I’m talking confirmation on Thursday and production on the next Friday. For this particular event we had to order most of our pieces online since Covid has made it hard to find everything we need, even in a busy city like Las Vegas. The odds of them being delivered within a week were slim - but we crossed our fingers and hoped for the best.

Jennifer, our lead and designer of this event used beautiful black terrariums for the centerpieces on this table scape. Right before Covid-19 hit we had ordered about 18 - 25 of the same terrariums - but, of course, they were in rose gold which would not work for this all-male dinner party.

As we realized our goods were not going to arrive in time, we started calling every decor and craft store in town that might carry what we needed. We found a couple here and a few more there and after an interesting scavenger hunt around town that even my boyfriend joined, we only needed a couple terrariums. 

We immediately thought of our favorite floral designer in Las Vegas, Miss Daisy. After a quick phone call, we finally had all the pieces we needed. We were able to pick them up that day and we were given a lenient return policy because of the great relationship we have together. 

Moral of the story is make a continuous effort to foster great relationships with your local partners. Learn who’s in your community and find out how you can help one another. 

Just because someone shares your area of expertise, does not mean they’re a threat. 

Don’t assume the worst until proven otherwise; this philosophy has served us well so far. 

Tell us if you would like to know how to handle a partnership turned sour or how to deal with a client or partner that has stolen your ideas and we’ll give you some tips! 

In the mean time, give us all your partnership building tips! Let’s share the knowledge. 

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