Our Chateau at The Edgewood Resort in Lake Tahoe, California

We had the most amazing opportunity to collaborate with our favorite girls at Society Society to bring their winter chateau vision to life!

Social Society brought skis, snow jackets, fur throws, authentic Tahoe posters, and even a faux rug to bring out the cabin feel!

Our team fabricated a wooden bar with a yellow underglow to match the woodsy feel! The ceiling was designed with wooden beams that were illuminated by a custom light fixture.

After the location was moved for safety reasons, mostly due to the heavy amount of snow this location can potentially receive, the chateau was built on concrete rather than a grassy area. Trees were added to help create the vision of a chateau in the woods!

We can only imagine how dreamy this installation looks once the ground is covered in snow!

Fabrication and Design: SKTCH Events

Brand Collaboration: Social Society

Photos: Jamie Emery Rose Street Studio

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