How to Work on Your Business and Quarantine

Quarantine hit us like a brick.

We read the headlines and watched the news and knew what was coming but we never could have anticipated the way it halted our world. One day we were looking at a summer full of booked events and the next we were postponing events and negotiating cancellations.

As we have been operating for less than five years we were just beginning to gain some serious traction. It would have been so easy for us to get down on ourselves and think that this could be what ruins what we've built. Instead, we've chosen to look at the things we need to work on and build a stronger foundation. We took a long hard look at our business and made a list of some things we could improve. Things we can fix while we follow quarantine guidelines. Below is a few tasks we found and how we did it!

1. Buckle down on your employee handbook

As an event planning company in Las Vegas, when we opened we hit the ground running thanks to connections and friendships we developed in our 25 years in the industry. We started with an experienced team so we didn't feel we needed a printed and regimented handbook. As we continued expanding our team we accepted that an employee handbook is essential to explaining our company culture, rules, and how we do things.

Every event planning company does everything different and we wanted to be sure that our employees knew who we are! We have used this time to create an employee handbook that reflects our company culture and adequately explains the ins and outs of our business. In the end, this saves us time explaining things to our employees and helps them feel more comfortable in an industry that expects and demands you to be on your toes at all times.

2. Revisit your website

So many people overlook the power of a good website. It's never been more important to have a stunning website that is easy to navigate. Give yours a look over and see if it needs a makeover. Have a friend check it out and see if they have any trouble finding things, sometimes theres things that you don't notice! We went a whole month without having our address on our site, so take it from us lol!

If you don't have a website yet check out platforms that you can use to make one! Platforms like wix have easy processes that don't require coding, making it super easy to create your own site!

3. Fine tune your processes

Everyone has a process and in business those processes are even more important! They ensure that a company and the people working in it work smoothly. Take a look at your process and make a list of problems you run into commonly. Can they be mitigated? Can you switch something to make it flow more smoothly?

In our business we realized we needed two teams for out set ups and strikes. It keeps all of our workers well rested and energized. When we are finally able to go back to work, implement these!

4. Develop a business plan for our new normal

When our community reopens we will all have to adjust and develop plans for our new normal. As an event planning company we bring together hundreds if not thousands of people for a living! Rather than completely redesigning our company, we are brainstorming ways we can keep our clients safe and healthy.

Take a look at your business and make a list of things that you'll need to change! Get creative. For example, our business specializes in custom fabrication so we have thought of designing custom sanitation stations and sanitary guards for our merchants that come into contact with people every day.

5. Stop and smell the Rose's!

We work in such a fast paced work environment as event professionals. Take time for yourself. Allow yourself to day dream...take a bath...listen to the birds. Slow down for a minute! We are trained to adapt and we will get through this! See the bright side, were going to be just fine.

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