How can we protect one another and still enjoy each other’s company?

How can we protect one another and still enjoy each other’s company? That’s a question we’ve been trying to figure out. As event planners, one of our greatest loves is bringing people together! There’s something special about a group of people sharing an experience that you created. We miss creating that magic. So we went to the drawing board to find a way to do what we love while events take a back seat.

How can we safely bring people together again?

How can we build something meant to fend off an enemy we can't see?

We had to get informed.

We started with hand sanitizer stations. It made sense for us. We’re a team of designers and fabricators who were ITCHING to create something. Not to mention that in the event world we can have hundreds, if not thousands, of people in the same event space a day. This type of environment can make it very easy for people to touch the same surfaces, which helps germs spread quickly.

It was important for the design to be functional, moveable, and customizable.

We went with a triangle shaped structure on casters so clients can easily place the structure where needed. We added two hand sanitizer stations to each side, leaving a generous amount of room for graphics. Six total stations would allow more guests to be serviced and require less refills for clients, a win win! 

At least for the first design...

After an instagram poll we realized that a product this big might only be good for larger venues (lol)... SO we wanted to create another design. One that still checked off our previous design boxes, but that had a more traditional shape that fit in seamlessly as perimeter decor.

We went with an 7 x 7 structure to have at least four hand sanitizer stations and enough room for graphics. This style piece made it easy for our designers to tweak it to meet our clients specifications. It also gave us some leeway if we wanted to make it double sided and accomodate more people, double win!

We realized very quickly that keeping attendees, clients, and employees well sanitized was just the tip of the iceberg. We knew we also needed to create physical barriers between people. How could we do this and make it aesthetically pleasing? (A question every event designer asks!) So we set out to create a piece that would give people a sense of normalcy, let them easily follow safety guidelines, and aesthetic!!

With those ideas in mind, we designed clear divider panels we call ‘safety dividers’

These dividers are clear, lightweight, and can be customized in a variety of shapes depending on their use. Fit for any aesthetic, they come in clear panels that are easy to clean! They are perfect for a variety of vehicles, conference rooms, cafeterias, break rooms, restaurants, workplaces, and more! Not only do these panels keep clients and employees safe from germs, they make social interactions seem a little more normal

In a time where every day is a reminder that we are so far from normal, we love getting a chance to help people come together safely to find comfort in one another. We may not have the answer to our question yet, but we’ll keep developing products until we do!

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