How Brands Are Using Experiential Marketing to Connect with Their Audience

Experiential marketing is a new medium that helps brands reach their target market by creating experiences between brands and consumers. In the digital age, people are more critical of brands, they want to know what they stand for and who they are. This technique helps bring them to life, making it a staple among other mediums like broadcast, print, and digital marketing. These activations can be pop up shops, interactive events, stunts, and art installations to name a few.

As a fabrication studio, we are frequently tasked to work with out our clients to design unique activations that utilize interactive experiences to create positive brand relationships.

These surfboards served as an interactive display for guests at the Fairmont Hotel. The one on the left, was placed outside a popular restaurant, where staff were able to update their daily menu directly on the surfboard. Turning a normal menu into an instagrammable moment that encouraged guests to share their location and daily specials.

The board on the right was designed as a product display, an instagrammable moment that encouraged guests to share to social media incorporating a unique way of interacting with the brand.

We recently collaborated with Brand Event Specialists, Social Society to create an experiential activation for a high end client, Veuve Clicquot.

Guests were invited to partake in a snow shoeing experience through a snow covered golf course at Edgewood Resort in Lake Tahoe. Their journey brought them to a winter haven adorned with personal firepits and a Veuve Clicquot themed chalet next to the resort. Inside the chateau, a bartender greeted guests with custom drinks and attendees were encouraged to snap a picture to share on social media platforms like instagram and pinterest.

This technique of harmoniously associating one or more brands with a positive experience organically creates a lasting impression! These impressions build brand loyalty and encourages consumer buy in.

Whether you go with an interactive display, personalized event, or a pop up activation, the most important thing to remember is what you want to convey to the consumer. Focus on activating sensory, cognitive, and emotional values in your consumer to relay your message. Have some fun, and think of the experiences that bring you joy!

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