Are Buffets Over?

As Las Vegas enters phase one of reopening, our team is brainstorming ways we can continue planning and producing in person events. To adhere to safety guidelines, we expect to see changes in increased sanitation, implementation of masks, smaller parties, catering and food service changes, and much more.

Rather than see this as a challenge we are choosing to see it for what it is; a chance for new opportunities. While challenging, the guidelines surrounding food and beverage service is a topic that we have had a blast brainstorming and learning about!

Food displays have long been an important part of any of our events. Hanging pretzels, salad walls, and even floating desserts, we've seen it all! The possibilities are already endless and new safety guidelines are only encouraging us to think more outside the box. Rather than ditch the buffet experience completely, we have thought of a few ideas that we believe will give attendees a unique food experience while also removing high traffic surfaces:

Grab and Go Stations

No more "self serve" buffet stations! Food and beverage that mitigates and removes high traffic surfaces will be our new normal! Custom grab and go stations are just one way we can modify the buffet experience.

Bento Boxes

These personal sized boxes are perfect for passing out to attendees at events. Each box contains one meal that tastes just as good as it looks!

We also thought about taking the traditional idea of a bento box and tweaking it into a custom branded to-go box. Or changing the box to match the event aesthetic.

The same idea can be used when serving passed bites at events. Fun, branded containers can be used to hold these personalized snacks. Making them safe and germ free!

Food Trucks

Both real and facade food trucks will be in our event future!

In the past we fabricated custom food truck facades. Clients decided their menu and our trucks reflected the cuisine of their choosing! Caterers would be placed on the other side of the truck to pass food through the 'window' to attendees on the other side. This style of serving ensures the catering team, staff and guests are safe.

For now, we're not canceling out buffets - at least not fully! Unless a governing agency says they must go, we'll continue to reinvent how food service is done in the event industry.

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