We love food, we love to be creative too. That’s why we have developed some awesome and creative ways of displaying food.

Some people may say its just food, and they wouldn’t be wrong. But to us, every part of the event is a chance to express your uniqueness and grab guests attention. We understand that sometimes the littlest details can make all the difference. Ditch your boring food set ups and check out our favorite food design displays below!

1. TRIPOD Display

One of our favorites! We designed this custom display for a client that wanted to show guests a new way to show case food. The trays were designed to appear as though they were floating while still providing a stable and safe way for guests to grab food. In addition to being great for food display it also provides a beautiful way to display decor as pictured.

2. Cubby Display

We love this intricately detailed display table! We designed this table to be versatile and functional while still being creative and eye catching. Previously used as a buffet table, it allows a cubby and a top table to be used as display. This display is great for displaying decor on the lower tier while simultaneously letting the top table be used primarily for food or beverage display. Perfect for adding a little pizzazz to your event!

3. Chalk Board Table Topper

We designed these chalk board table topper to add some color and innovative design to any plain table. The toppers are custom made by our team to fit a variety of tables and gives clients the freedom to choose what creative design they display. Sometimes less is more, and this chalk board table exemplifies that! Use it to explain the different food you display or to direct guests along the way, either way this table is perfect for adding some color to any display table.

4. Ladder Display

Who said ladders were only to used for climbing! We love taking every day items and using them in unconventional ways. This ladder display was made to show guests new ways of showcasing food and get people thinking of the other fun options are out there! With the ability to display decor, food, beverages and other trinkets this ladder display is another favorite of ours!

5. Wooden Panels

Sometimes less is more! These wooden pallet walls are awesome to add a unique backdrop to any food station. Even better, they are made from recycled pallets and then lights are intricately strung through to bring a beautiful illumination to any event.

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