Event Solutions

Events allow us to network, learn, and enjoy our time with each other. That's why we designed pieces that make it simple and easy to social distance. Browse our products to see how you can make your event meet safety guidelines.

Buffet Modifications

No more "self serve" buffet stations. Food and beverage that mitigates and removes high traffic surfaces will be our new normal! These custom grab and go stations are just one way we can modify the buffet experience.

Bar Modifications

Bartenders need to be able to effectively communicate with their customers. These designs allow them to meet face to face and follow safety protocols. These shields are easy to install and fit for a variety of bar sizes. Our team can also custom build a shield design for any bar.

Social Distancing


Our divider panels allow us to modify a large space by creating smaller spaces that meet safety guidelines. These panels can be arranged in a variety of designs and are fully customizable. 

Safety Modifications

Increased sanitization will be extremely important to ensure everyone's safety at events. Hand sanitation areas can be designed to match any event aesthetic.  

Sanitization Station.png
Hand Sanitizer Station.png

We're here to help.

Our team can work with you to design an environment that protects your employees and clients. We take your design preferences, event theme, and functionality needs into account before we begin the brainstorming process. Let's create spaces that not only make physical distancing easy, but encourage it in a way that feels normal to you.